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Experiments out of hand...

Programmed To Destroy--2016
Among The Dead--2013
The End of Everything--2007
Living In A Police State--2003
Laments of the Insane--2001
If They Can't Take A Joke--2000
Halloween Curse EP--2000
Excess And Decay--2000
Evil Bitch--1999
My Asylum--1999
All Hollows Eve (demo)--1998

The End Of Everything: Armageddon's Coming, Never Never, Devistate, Is It Wrong, Second Coming, On Our Way, Godless, I'll take You, You Are The Evil One, Heaven Or Hell, The End Of Everything, Anger Makes The World Go Round, Wonderful End, (includes two bonus tracks)

Anti-Everything: Spread The Love, Slit My Wrist, You Are, Anti-Everything, Numbness, I Don't Do Drugs, bleed Me Dry, Do The Time, I've Given In, Innocent Tortured, Heartache, Brandy, Curse The Day, evoL ehT daerpS

Laments of the Insane: Invocated, Morbid, NNM3, Laments of the Insane, End it Now, Undone, Liar, Question, Corrode, Errode, Experiment, Intergalactic Hillbillies

If They CAn't Take A Joke: Antisocial Behavior, Infuriated, Obliterate, How Could You, System Down, F.T.G., Braindead, Redeem Me, Dead People, Dead Kittens

Halloween Curse E.P.: Living Hell, Braindead, Stupidest of All, Chainsaw Mess, Braindead Again

Revivefication: Displace, Strain, Slaying Demons, Beyond, Turn, FckngHate, My Asylum, Slowly, Trickery, Skin

NecroTech: Bloody, NecroTech, Why It Sucks, Grinder, Pointless, Blindly Go, Why Not Now, Something Wicked, I'll Be Your God

Excess and Decay: Mine All Mine, Cut It All Away, deCOMPOSE, (D)Evolve, Horroshow, Purify, Technology, Torture The Innocent+mix, Freedom, Distant, Lost Inside, Transition

Evil Bitch: Evil Bitch, Suffer, Empty Inside, Barren Waste, Choke, Maladjusted, Subvert, Noise, Dissect, Aura, Religion, NNM, Torture The Innocent

My Asylum: Nightmare Noise Machine, Torture The Innocent, Empty Inside, End, Society, Seething, My Asylum, Sado, Cycle Repeat, Torture The Innocent More, Erotitronica, Justice, Violated, Slaying Demons, Aggression

All Hallows Eve (demo): Strange, Brutal World, Slaying Demons, Murder, Stupid----, Pathology, Aggression, Feel It Burn, Vamp


You may have noticed a couple of the same song repeated on each album. Each time the song was reworked either in structure or quality of the recording. Each one is almost a completely different song.

09NOV16 So "Death Is Art" never came to be. The tracks changed and was turned into Different things. So many different things........ There is more stuff in the works se we will see where that leads............

Been really busy........  Had to push the release date for "Death Is Art" to some time in 2004.  Would have liked to have release it a couple of months ago but money is always an issue.  So that means there will be two cd's, hopefully, released this year.  Before the end of the year "Extreme Data Corruption" should be complete.  Both of the cd's have a little different tinge to them.  All I will say about the next one is, it should be insane for next year.  Wait and see.......

I'm always trying to incorporate something different into the music. As time progresses, I get a better and broader understanding of how this whole music thing works. Unlike most of the other musicians I work with, I have taught my myself everything I know. What you lack in skill, make it up in imagination!

Crazy people are people, too.

Still, most people dont know they are insane. Those are the ones that are truly dangerous to themselves and others. I'm just dangerous to others! You must have focus with your psychosis.....