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Is there really anything going on?


09NOV16 So it had been ages, at least many years, since I have done anything on this site. Lots has been going on. Many cd's have been released since the last update here. It was recently linked in an interview so I thought I would log in and put something here. This year, the album Programmed To Destroy was released on DSBP Records. Before that, K.I.T.F.H. and Among the Dead in 2013. Before that, Iconoclasm was released in 2009. Then even before that, The End Of Everything was released in 2007 ending a lengthy hiatus. Most can be checked out on the usual internet places. I did update this thing. So, curious to see if anyone will come here to check it out!

28DEC07--The year is coming to and end and I have released a new NNM cd this year. This coming year will see the release of SLOP. I may have an EP this coming year as well for NNM. We shall see!

Other music projects:

About PTSD.  For those of you who do not know--PTSD is a rather brutal metal act I do drums for and do most to the recording duties.  Lots of new songs being written and soon to be recorded.  Be on the look out for some live happenings from this band as well.  If you like it nice and angry, this is the music to hear. 


Saying inside Excess and Decay cover:

"Why hate someone for the color of their skin when there are so many other good reasons to hate someone!?"

If you have any questions, or need more info when I'm sober, let me know.