Here is who NNM is or was:

Raef--Recording, Mixing, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, etc,etc,etc,

Jon Spacer--Guitars, Creative Input

Gilbert Q (first album)--Guitars, Creative Input

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Welcome to artificial pleasure!

Nightmare Noise Machine is just wrong.........
Going on way too many years now.  Didn't think I would be doing this at all let alone this many years now.  All the bands and fans I have met over the years have really made it worth while.  I think that is why I haven't quit up to this point.  It's just too cool meeting everyone.  There are some shows planned in the next few months.  Working on some of the stage show now. 

Chaos with a little bit of control is very entertaining to me. The aggression of the crowd at a good show gets me going.  With that in mind, the music of NNM is created.  Not just something to dance to but the sound track for mass hysteria.  The venting of my anguished mind.  NNM is music to set the world on fire by.

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A great label with lots of great music.

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